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ESGE 32nd Annual Congress

Welcome Message

Prof. Benoit Rabischong

ESGE President

Prof. Michelle Nisolle

Congress President

Prof. A. Di Spiezio Sardo

Scientific Chair

Prof. Vasilios Tanos

Scientific Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our great pleasure and honour to welcome you to Brussels on the occasion of the ESGE 32nd Annual Congress.

This year, the President of ESGE, Professor Benoit Rabischong, the Congress President, Professor Michelle Nisolle and the entire Scientific Committee are proud to host you in Belgium and the beautiful city of Brussels.

The theme of this Congress, Create History by Shaping the Future, aligns perfectly with the new directions of endoscopic surgery and of our scientific Society.

Indeed, nowadays we have the possibility to use new instrumentation and different access for performing all types of surgical procedures. These innovations are of high interest and young gynaecologists demonstrated their enthusiasm during the previous Annual Congress held in Lisbon in 2022.

The aim of the President and the Scientific Committee is to work for the future generation of Gynaecological Endoscopists by elaborating an ambitious scientific programme, incorporating all aspects of our wonderful speciality.

High-quality, evidence-based topics and also recommendations on several themes will be provided, without forgetting the place of medical therapy before and after surgery. This year, one of the important topics will be the focus on Reproductive Surgery as preservation of fertility is crucial for our patients. The role of preoperative imagery will be developed in main sessions as gynaecologists should also have the expertise of transvaginal sonography before performing surgical procedures.

Live surgical sessions will aim to increase the anatomic and surgical knowledge of young gynaecologists. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate at the GESEA certification exams at the same time which aim to provide the necessary skills required to ensure better outcomes of our patients.

Our Industry partners will also be present to share the latest developments and innovations.

We really look forward to welcoming you in Brussels to share great educational experiences and networking opportunities.

With best regards


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